About Us

MacGregor Healthcare Ltd® is a private owned company whose directors have extensive experience working within the medical field.

Having worked directly with Healthcare professionals and product end users, MacGregor Healthcare Ltd® has an understanding on issues that are important when it comes to choosing a product.

MacGregor Healthcare Ltd® will be focusing on patient needs whilst ensuring cost benefits to the healthcare professional.

Richard Carr (Managing Director)
Sue Frost (Sales, Marketing & Clinical Director)
Lucy Barclay-Carr (HR, Finance and Operations Director)

MacGregor Healthcare Directors

Sales Team

Hollie Batson
Hollie Batson - South Regional Sales Manager
Brigitte Collins - Global Education Manager
Katharin Adderley
Katharin Adderley - North Regional Sales Manager
Greg Richards
Greg Richards - Key Account Manager
Mandy McMaster
Mandy McMaster - Key Account Manager
Carolyn Burgin - Key Account Manager

Office Team

Sharon McLoughlin - Operations Manager
Tracy Reid - Customer Care Manager
Isla Watt - Accounts & Inventory Supervisor
Beverley Grant - Customer Care Administrator
Stacey Logan - Customer Care Administrator
Naomi Hanratty - Customer Care Administrator
Ian Cameron - Data Analyst
Luke Delaney - Marketing Manager


“To provide quality medical products within bowel and bladder and world class service so that people have a more fulfilled life”


To be seen as the centre of excellence for product development, education and service within bowel and bladder care.


to both our customers and staff.

take a positive approach to all situations.

we want a culture of listening to and valuing the telling of stories, experiences and wisdom of others.

about making a difference.

continue to strive to improve.

view systems and procedure as time saving.