Catheter Valve

Catheter valves are used as an alternative to urine drainage bags.

The purposes are

• Provides improved comfort and freedom
• Avoid the hassle of long tubes and urine bags
• The bladder can be emptied in to containers or a normal toilet discretely
• Easy to dispose of

The Qufora® Q-flow valve
The patented Q-flow valve is easy and safe to operate for people with reduced finger dexterity. It offers open state between 90° and 180°.

At 90° the valve is fully open. At 180° the valve is still fully open and now placed in a safe position without any risk of closing unexpectedly during the night. The Q-Flow valve is latex free and offers a medical silicone tube for easy connection to a urine bag.

Catheter Valve

Qufora® Accessories, sterile

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Qufora Catheter Valve (Q-Flow) sterile
5 pack


Qufora Catheter valve is 50%** less expensive compared to the market leading product.
**Product costings based on drug tariff price of market leading product vs Qufora November 2013.

You can choose the right system to suit your patients needs.

Each of our four systems have been designed with the patients’ needs in mind. They are all easy to use and effective, so that your patient or their carer can perform bowel management both easily and quickly. The systems incorporate a user friendly design along with reliable functionality.They are discreet, easy and logical to use. You can now decide which of the Qufora range suits your patients needs rather than trying to adapt the patient to one system.