Educational Dates

2022 Dates Event
9th March
Bladder and Bowel UK: BBUK Continence Symposiums (Bolton)
17th March
ERIC: Healthy Bladders & Bowels (short course)
23rd March
ERIC: Nocturnal Enuresis
27th-29th March
MS Trust Annual Conference 2022 (Hinckley)
29th March
ERIC: Toilet Training Including Children with Additional Needs
7th-8th May
Lucy Allen Physiotherapy: An Introduction to Functional Bowel Disorders: Assessment & Management
16th-17th May
ACA Annual Conference and Exhibition: ‘Bridging The Gap In Bladder And Bowel Health’ (Bristol)
4th-6th July
The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britian & Ireland 2022 Annual Meeting (Edinburgh)