Qufora Onestep Intermittent catheter

A super smooth catheter for men and women. Ready to use right away.

Qufora ® Onestep – The instant catheter is a simple, quick and ready to use ISC catheter. It’s sterile and ready to use as soon as you open the packaging. With a smooth and slippery surface making catheterisation fast and easy. The catheter surface is really smooth, making insertion and withdrawal gentle and easy.

There are a wide range of sizes available for men and women with the Qufora® Onestep range.

Male sizes: CH12 – CH16 
Female sizes: CH10 – CH14
Qufora ® Onestep catheters are available 40 cm length for men including a non touch slider, and 20 cm length for women. Sizes are distinguished by the colour of the connector.

Onestep Codes
Onestep detail

All of the Qufora range is available on prescription. You can choose the right irrigation system to suit your patients needs.

Each of our four systems have been designed with the patients’ needs in mind. They are all easy to use and effective, so that your patient or their carer can perform bowel management both easily and quickly. The systems incorporate a user friendly design along with reliable functionality.They are discreet, easy and logical to use. You can now decide which of the Qufora range suits your patients needs rather than trying to adapt the patient to one system.