Urinary Sheath

Gentle, flexible, secure and cost effective

The well-balanced adhesive is gentle to the skin, secures a perfect fit and prevents leakage. The sheath’s silicone material has the ability to let the skin “breathe” which ensures a dry and comfortable environment on the skin surface.

Silicone is a flexible material that adapts easily to ensure a perfect fit at all times.

The combination of the transparent, flexible material and the gentle adhesive, ensures optimal comfort and safety against leakage.

Cost effective
Qufora sheaths are 20% less expensive than the market leading product**.

** Product costings based on drug tariff of marketing leading products. November 2013.

Qufora Measuring Guide
Use the Qufora sheath measuring guide to measure your patients individual size to ensure a perfect fit. If your exact size is not shown in the measuring guide, choose the smaller size.

Five sizes: Ø 24, 28, 31, 35, 40 mm. 
Two lengths: Standard (80 mm) and Short (47 mm).

Please click the image below to read our guide for using Qufora Urisheaths

All of the Qufora range is available on prescription. You can choose the right irrigation system to suit your patients needs.

Each of our four systems have been designed with the patients’ needs in mind. They are all easy to use and effective, so that your patient or their carer can perform bowel management both easily and quickly. The systems incorporate a user friendly design along with reliable functionality.They are discreet, easy and logical to use.

You can now decide which of the Qufora range suits your patients needs rather than trying to adapt the patient to one system.